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Fun ways to announce your pregnancy

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Last week, my friend Vicky came to visit and gave me a pleasant yet totally unexpected surprise. She was 8 weeks pregnant at that moment and what was more surprising was that she had only just found out. The reason for this was that she had had her period as usual so nothing raised a red flag. However, even she missed her period next time she took the test and assumed that she had just gotten pregnant. When she went to see the doctor later in the week, she was surprised to find out that she had been pregnant for more than six weeks. When she asked the doctor how it was possible that she would have a period while pregnant, she was told that it was quite possible. As it turns out, if your date of conception is too close to your period date, you can get your period while pregnant because the body does not get the signal to stop producing the hormone which causes periods. Many women are unaware of this fact and thus do not realize that they are pregnant. The good thing is that this is quite normal and it does not affect your pregnancy at all. Some women to experience slight bleeding, which can be implantation bleeding and has no negative effects. However, one thing I know for sure is that whenever you get bleeding or period while pregnant, make sure that you see your doctor. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Anyhow, the reason Vicky wanted to talk to me was because she wanted to announce the pregnancy to her husband and in-laws in a fun way. This is her first child, and quite understandably she is very excited and wants the moment she tells everyone to be special. We got to thinking immediately and came up with some fun pregnancy announcement ideas which I thought I would share with my readers. One of the ideas was to write a message on the foggy mirror after taking a shower, so that when the husband goes in he will read it. Another was to write a cryptic poem with clues and sending it to family and friends. Once they are able to decipher it, they would know your news. Posting a fun status on Facebook was also a great idea and this way you can tell everyone at once. To announce to the in-laws, I suggested buying an adorable pair of booties and post them with a card saying ‘arriving on’ and mention the due date. It is guaranteed that all in-laws and parents will love this surprise.

We loved all these pregnancy announcement ideas so much that in the end Vicky had trouble deciding which one to use. Finally, she chose the cryptic poem and the response she got was amazing. The first one to decipher the poem using the clues was her husband and he was ecstatic. I confess, writing the poem was hard work and I had to help Vicky a lot, but in the end it all turned out great.



Pregnancy tools for an easier, stress-free pregnancy

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I do not have children, nor have I experienced pregnancy but I have spent enough time with pregnant women to know a lot about it. My sister wasn’t very knowledgeable about things related to pregnancy and was constantly getting stressed out trying to figure out her ovulation dates and so on. I saw her struggling and decided to take things into my own hands.  Every evening when I took my two Chihuahuas out for a walk, I ended up at the park where they would play and I would sit on the bench, with my tablet in my hand. I researched for hours and read all about what an implantation calculator was, how it worked and what was the benefit. I also found these ‘how many weeks am I’ tools where once pregnant; women could find out which week they were in and read about their child’s development. I found all this information and tools extremely fascinating and helpful and decided to share my knowledge here so that all women who find the pregnancy rollercoaster daunting can read and understand what it all entails.

An implantation calculator is a very helpful tool as it helps you figure out the best time for you to try, when the chances of getting pregnant are higher. My sister found that using this tool gave her peace of mind and she stopped worrying so much about the dates and whether it was the right time or not. She also used ovulation strips that can be bought at a store which gave her a much better idea of when her body would be most receptive. There are many implantation calculators available online and all you have to do is put in your last period date and you can get a calculation of when the egg will be implanted.

Another useful feature I saw online was these ‘how many weeks am I’ where again all you have to do is insert the date of your last period and the tool gives you a calculation of weeks and days of your pregnancy. This is very helpful for women who want to track their pregnancy regularly and want to find out how their baby is developing from one day to the other and what kind of changes their body will undergo. All this information helps a person prepare better for dealing with the ups and downs of the pregnancy. My sister knew in advance that she would be experiencing low energy levels in the coming week, so she would plan her activities accordingly and keep energy snacks at hand. Similarly, she was well aware of the period when her morning sickness and nausea would hit peak levels and when it would subside. Trust me; all this information can make it a lot easier to handle your pregnancy.

For anyone who has just found out that they are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, I highly recommend using tools like the implantation calculator and ‘how many weeks am I’, for a better, informed and controlled pregnancy that does not cause you stress and high blood pressure.


Simple tips for avoiding dog ear infection

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Since I have always been fond of dogs and puppies, I like to learn as much as possible about taking care of these cute animals so that whenever I meet someone who has dogs I can give them valuable advice. One of the most common problems faced by my two Chihuahuas is that they used to get ear infections all the time. So, one day I decided to do some research and I found a lot of information about dealing with dog ear infection and read about methods used to avoid this problem in future. Recently, a friend of mine, Rebecca, called me up and asked for some advice on treating dog ear infection. She has a teacup Pomeranian, one of the most adorable and playful toy dog breed you can ever find. They are loyal, friendly, full of energy, and love to play all the time. If you are someone who cannot spend a lot of time with your dog, don’t go for a teacup Pomeranian. Coming back to the point, I told Rebecca that every dog breed was unique and with Pomeranians you need to take certain steps to ensure that they do not get dog ear infections. I have highlighted some of the instructions I gave her in this article so that anyone who has a teacup Pomeranian can benefit from my knowledge in this area.


Limit the number of baths: One of the most common mistakes that people make is giving a bath to their teacup Pomeranian way too often. Remember, these cute little puppies have a very thick fur coat which takes a long time to dry out. Moisture in areas around the ears causes dog ear infections. If your puppy gets dirty often, try not to wash his face and ears when bathing him so that you can avoid an infection.


Plug ears before bath: A safe way to give your Teacup Pomeranian a bath is by using cotton balls to plug its ears. This restricts water from getting into the ear canal.


Clean ears regularly: You can avoid dog ear infections by making sure that you clean their ears regularly. However, you should never use a Q tip to clean your Teacup Pomeranian’s ear. Use a mild cleaning solution and a cotton ball to gently swipe the insides of the dog’s ear. Never use an alcohol based or a strong cleaning solution as it can irritate the ear canal.


Go to the vet: If your dog develops an ear infection, do not wait for it to heal on its own; take him to the vet immediately. Untreated dog ear infection can get out of hand and immediate medical care is your best bet in such a situation. Your dog might need antibiotics or antifungal medicine to cure an underlying condition that is causing the ear infection. If the infection was caused because of an allergy, you will have to give him antihistamine and possibly change his diet to counteract the effects of the allergy.


The joys of motherhood and breastfeeding

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Motherhood is an amazing feeling and I am sure even those who have experienced it cannot accurately describe the joys associated with this period in their life. However, it can be equally challenging at the same time. I see so many of my friends trying to figure out things which appear simple but once you get into it, everything has to be done in a particular way and at a particular time. Take breastfeeding for example; it appears to be the simplest thing in the world when you look at a mother feeding her child, but it is quite the opposite. Breastfeeding is an art that needs to be perfected and some women have a much harder time than others. I have seen many acquaintances who gave up breastfeeding because their baby simply wouldn’t latch on.  Then again, even if you get the baby to latch on to the breast properly, there are many other things you have to worry about. For instance, you need to know what foods to avoid while breastfeeding. One of my friends thought you did not have to worry about what you ate while you were breastfeeding, but she soon found out how wrong she was. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that when you eat something, its effects are transmitted to the baby. I know so many moms who eat stuff that makes them gassy and in turn makes the baby gassy. So, when you are breastfeeding, stay clear of vegetables like broccoli, beans, lentils and fizzy drinks. The healthier you eat, the better it is for your baby.


Another common problem a lot of women face is when they try to stop breastfeeding. Many babies do not want to wean and they refuse to take the bottle. The trick is to know how to stop breastfeeding the proper way so that the baby does not suffer. The best way to go about it is to read as much as possible and be informed. My sister read every source she could find on the topic ‘how to stop breastfeeding’ and the information she found was extremely helpful. One of the most important things is to introduce bottle feeding as soon as possible, so that your baby becomes used to taking both. If you keep him or her only on breast milk, the weaning process will be much more difficult. One also needs to make sure that the weaning process is gradual since doing it at once will confuse the baby and make it harder for him to adjust.

Every mother will have a different experience with her baby, but when you read about what others have gone through, you are able to make an informed decision at every step and make sure that you are providing your baby the best of everything. I find that blogs are a great way to share experiences and learn more about others’ experiences. Even though it is hard to write on regular basis with a fulltime job and two adorable jobs to take care of, I try my best to share my knowledge on a variety of subjects with my readers.


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