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Bitten by the Travel Bug

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I like traveling very much. I do not know where I will be without traveling. I would be a nervous wreck that’s what I will be without my yearly dose of traveling to other places. Taking trips abroad really rejuvenates me and give me so much energy to live another year sanely.

Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t be really happy going to another place and seeing new sights and meeting new people at the same time? It gives me the chance to broaden my horizon both literally and figuratively. It also makes me miss home very much at the same time that when I get back, everything is like new again.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love just being here in the place where I belong. It’s just that being away to another place makes me feel a little more alive if you know what I mean. I guess you will never really appreciate what I am saying until you get to experience it yourself.

I am so excited about my next trip that I have already planned and packed up for it literally. I have the best lightweight luggage available in-order for me to pack more things in it and never have to worry about the weight of carrying it around. It’s in my closet just sitting there longing for the day both of us will get to bond again.

Of course I have also the best travel tripod neatly packed in there as you will really never know when you’ll going to need it. It’s pretty lightweight too so I can handle it easily. It also has an unobtrusive tripod head and collapsible feet which does not take up too much space, you know, so I can just stick it in there and forget about it.

Of course toiletries I will never forget and it is also already in the bag. A nice book for the dull times, which kind of got me to thinking that there is hardly any dull time when I am traveling so I guess I can get rid of the book to free up some more space for other items, probably room for the laptop to be in so I don’t have to carry it on flights.

I like taking photographs of everything and I don’t pass up the chance to get a ton of them every time when I’m traveling. All I need are about almost a dozen memory cards to switch and swap when they get full as you never want to have no space available in your camera when something nice comes up. They are already in the bag too.

All these things are already in the bag so I won’t make the mistake of forgetting about them when the time comes. All I need to do when I have to go is to pick which clothes I am going to bring and that’s it, I have finished packing in no time.

Traveling or touring to other places is very therapeutic. It’s a drug which you need to take some time just so that you get shocked into living again. I don’t know about you but it worked out very well for me. You should really try it sometimes.

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