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Hey Sandy Walman here. I currently live in Reno, Nevada. I work as an administrative assistant at a solar company. I love dogs and puppies. Since young, I always had a pet. I remember when I was one year old, I had a orange tabby named Mittens. Then when I was five, I went to a county fair with my parents and won a goldfish at a coin toss. I named him Bubbles. When I became a teenager, I had my first dog. He was a 2 year old boxer name Toby. We did everything together. I feed him, bathe him, took him out for walks and even sleep together every night. He was like my best friend. Now as an adult, I moved out on my own. I now have two small Chihuahua doggies. They are also the love of my life. On my free time, I also dress them up in cute outfits. Eventually, I would like to have my own doggie clothing company and share my love of dogs with everyone. Hope you enjoy my blog!  Sorry about the pic of me, I just work up when it was taken.

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