Beautiful Childhood Memories

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Life as an adult oftentimes gets very hard with all the responsibilities and things one must consider, that sometimes you wish you were still young and carefree. I remember back when I was little, that all I got to do all day was play with my toys and spend lazy afternoons talking to my pet fish and my cute little dog. That on a daily basis when I wake up, I get greeted by a kiss from mom telling me that breakfast was ready and it was already time to get ready for school.

School was a blast as I get to be with my friends all day, doing all sorts of kiddy things, from playing on the grounds to scribbling our daily lessons, we really did had fun back then. Activity time was always awaited as there, we could do all sorts of cool things, like painting with our bare hands and also of making stamps out of everything we could lay our hands on. But the one thing I always wanted to do in school was to color things. From coloring books to textbooks, our school table and even my clothes, nothing was safe from my coloring ways, not even the classroom walls escaped my attention, much to the chagrin of our teacher who always tells us to be creative.

In coloring things, I feel as if I am transported to the place of that particular thing that I am coloring. I imagined that I was like an all-powerful wizard with great powers at my command, changing things with just a wave of my wand, easily giving color and life to all things under the sun. I usually get lost in thought during those days and daydream a lot.

Back home again from school means the same things, lots of playing and coloring before dinner, and bedtime stories before finally going to sleep. Tomorrow and the next day would also be like that, save for some special occasions like holidays or someone’s birthday, or if dad or mom took us out, which was a lot. My childhood was definitely a very happy one. How I wish I could go back to those times.

Back to reality, the adult world is certainly a drag. It’s something of an experience, kind of like you are caught in a very strong storm, but instead of water and rain that is pouring down, its bills, lots and lots of them. And if it’s not bills then it’s always something else like taxes and work and all the crazy things that are contained in the adult world.

Good thing there is the internet where I can always find comfort downloading things to color like the Disney’s Frozen Coloring Pages and also the Skylanders Coloring Pages, both of which I have a small collection of. You can print them directly on your printer and have fun with them in an instant. In them I can kind of go back to the memory of happier times and such, and I also use them as therapy of sorts against all the craziness out there. Now if I can only find someone to tell me stories before going to sleep, then everything will be all right.

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