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If exercise is not a part of your daily routine, then you should think of adding it immediately, as you are losing too much in terms of life prolonging benefits that exercise is known and proven to give. Exercise, if done regularly and correctly, helps us in many ways, particularly in the areas of weight maintenance and sickness prevention, not to mention of also ridding the body of toxins that accumulates in it through the course of living everyday life.

But the one thing I am very careful about exercise are the injuries that are very close to it. One misjudgment or miscalculation will have very devastating effects to all of your efforts that you have invested doing it. Take for example a simple exercise like jogging, yes it is very easy you say, and one might also ask of how can you manage to get injured just by simply running a straight line? Well, jogging is not that simple. And everything that involves bodily movement and the exertion of effort doing it is prone to injury, especially if the normal range of motion and the proper execution of technique are not followed carefully.

Take the case of one of my officemate who is also an avid runner. She jogged a little bit awkwardly last time we went for a run owing to the shoes she was wearing, which was new as she kept on bragging, but sadly was also not meant for running, and she definitely paid for it. In the middle of our run she complained of pain in her hips, which we later found out was really hip flexor pain, and had to be helped to the side of the road as the pain was becoming unbearable for her. A quick trip to the hospital revealed a strain consistent with a partially torn labrum hip, which was really bad news for her.

Labrum tears in the hip is a very debilitating injury as the labrum is the cartilage in the hip joints, which main purpose is to serve as the gasket or seal to the two bones which meet at the hip socket. Any tear or discontinuity in its integrity could result in the slippage of the leg bone out of its socket, which could then result in more injuries to the area. It is a rather painful kind of injury as many series of nerves also pass through the area occupied by the labrum.

Treatment for the injury could be through the surgical route which costs much and is rather quick to heal but is usually done under GA, or through the PT route which is less invasive but definitely has a longer downtime. My friend chose to take the longer route as she was very afraid of ever going under the knife and it took her almost twelve weeks to fully recover from her injuries.

So if ever you do any kind of exercise, practice correct form and make sure to warm up completely before engaging in it, or eventually risk getting injured in the process.

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