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exerciseExercise is an existential part of my life, that I would be similar to a fish out of water, if ever I have gone a long time not doing it. I also believe in the mantra of healthy living which encompasses a healthy diet, an active mind and regular exercise among other things. This was inculcated to me while I was young, and was lucky enough to be born into a family that is conscious to such things.

Healthy living today has already gained a huge following, owing to the many benefits and advantages it brings to its followers, it has moved from just a fad into a way of life for many of us. What manner of person does not really want to live a long life, and who would not love, to live that long life free from sickness and worry? That is the general adage of living healthy and is relatively true.

My typical day consists of a brief jog around the block in the morning, usually before breakfast, which is also a good thing for my dogs as they get to jog with me every day, so that’s like hitting two birds with one stone, me getting my exercise and the pets get their daily walk. Breakfast food is nothing unusual and consists of ordinary breakfast fare like eggs, bread, juices and others, depending on what I like that day. I make it a point not to miss breakfast as it is, as far as I am concerned, the most important meal of the day. Eating or not eating breakfast really dictates your energy and mood for the rest of the day, believe me it really does affect your body in various ways.

Lunch is another thing. Because I have eaten a good breakfast, I am not that much hungry during lunch time. But I do make it a point never to skip meals as that may mean that I might get hungry at inopportune times, which might lead to snacks and other not so very healthy choices just to pacify my stomach. Skipping meals also tends to wreak havoc on your blood sugar and metabolism, which is not a good thing as it may lead to sickness.

Dinner is somewhat light and not filling in preparation for rest and sleep. Dinner fare, among other things, usually contains low carb vegetables and sometimes fruit to take care of our bodies much needed fiber. No meat and poultry for me during dinner is my rule, fish is sometimes allowed but only in small amounts.

I do not believe in dieting per se, as I do not really want to deprive myself of anything good and tasty. No Atkins, South Beach or even the 1000 Calorie Diet, would ever get their hands on me, nope, not ever. I just remind myself to always practice restraint in everything that I eat, because too much of anything, even a good one, is bad. Besides, I always go to the gym every other day to burn those pesky flabs and work on my muscles at the same time. I’m no superman or anything different from you or the next person, I just like to live well.

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