How Humans Can Attract Fleas

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fleas on meFleas can be pesky bugs. They seem to follow you around everywhere especially if you have a pet and live in areas where there’s dust. At least that’s how I believe those blood sucking buggers got to my home four months back.

After moving with my dog, my work environment provided him with space to run and play while I worked. The boss didn’t mind him on the premises. However, the hot, dusty environment around was a perfect breeding ground for fleas. My dog didn’t mind bringing home along his blood sucking friends. That’s when I realized that fleas on humans was nothing short of a reality.

But are dogs the only way humans attract fleas? There are other ways humans attract fleas and they include the following.

Haired mammals

For my dog, accompanying me to work was now something I couldn’t look forward to. I had a professional exterminator visit my home, cleaned my dog and cleaned the house thoroughly to ensure I had gotten rid of those critters. However, after a month or so, my dog started itching terribly. Did he still have unhatched flea eggs or was he playing outside again. I made sure to clean him. The revelation came a week later when I discovered a rat nest in my garage. That must have been the source of the fleas.

From what I found out from the exterminator during his second visit in less than two months, fleas love haired mammals. These include dogs, cats, rodents, monkeys and even humans. For me this means keeping just my dog and watching out for stray haired mammals.

Warm, moist dark areas

My talk with the exterminator during his second visit also shed some light on where I’m likely to find the best breeding grounds for fleas. Besides hatching their eggs on animal hair, they thrive in warm, moist and dark places. If I want my home to be flea free, I had to take measures and ensure that there’s no place with all these conditions. It was a tough job but I figured out some things to do.

First, I always ensure that all rooms are well ventilated. This ensures that any moisture escapes into the atmosphere. Second, I ensure that each room in my house is well lit especially during the day. Third, I always do a weekly check throughout the house to ensure that there aren’t any spaces that can harbor any small rodents. Apparently, they also love warm, moist and dark places.


Washing my dog regularly not only ensures that he’s clean, but also eliminates any fleas that hide under his coat. I always use warm water and a brush to scrub his coat. The brush removes any fleas and unhatched eggs from within his fur while also giving him a scrubbing he always appreciates.

I also discovered that there’s a flea species that prefers sucking on human blood. Besides chemicals, hot water can be used to wash flea infested hair. Like in my dog, the hot water will kill both fleas and their unhatched eggs.


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