How to Treat a Deep Tissue Bruise

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The other day I was walking my Boxer Toby, when he saw a squirrel he just had to chase. Toby is normally very easy to control on our walks, but I couldn’t stop him. He pulled so hard on his leash that I fell to the ground and hit a big rock. Thankfully, I was able to get him under control, but when I went to work the next day, I saw I had a huge deep tissue bruise on my leg.

I love exploring the natural beauty around Reno, so I’ve taken more than a few falls and suffered more than a few deep tissue bruises in my life. I’ve even experienced unexplained bruising more than once. As a result, I’ve developed a simple, yet effective, method for treating bruises. This method will easily treat any bruises you suffer from on your daily adventures in life.

Start by removing any constricting clothes around the bruise and lifting the bruise above the heart. This will help prevent swelling. Now, place an ice pack directly on the bruise for 20 minutes. This is done to not only ease the pain of the bruise, but to lessen the swelling. Never leave ice cold ice packs on your skin for more than 20 minutes.

Add a source of heat to your skin for another 20 minutes. This helps relax the muscles and break up the blood clotting in the bruise. After you’ve heated your bruise for 20 minutes, replace the ice pack. Repeat this process several times throughout the day, but never add heat and ice to your skin for more than an hour in a day.

I always take a pain killer while icing and heating my bruise. Choose a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain killer specifically. These medicines, such as acetaminophen, will eliminate the pain from the injury and the bruise, reduce the swelling, and actually help reduce the size of the bruise over time.

After you have iced your bruise for the day, apply a vitamin K ointment to the bruise. This ointment, when absorbed into your skin, will continue to eliminate signs of swelling and bruising and bring vital healing vitamins directly to the site of your injury. Wrap your bruise with an elastic wrap to hold the ointment close to your skin and to avoid evaporation.

You can also trying taking 200-400 mg of bromelain. This is a compound derived from pineapple that allegedly speeds the healing process. I have taken it in the past and have noticed some minor increase in healing. You need to take it three times a day before eating. It has to be taken at least 90 minutes before or three hours after eating for it to be effective.

Last, but definitely not least, is to get a lot of rest for the injured part of your body. Try to keep it as still as possible and avoid over using it. With immediate care and careful rest, your deep tissue bruise will quickly heal.


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