It’s all in the Mind

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Are you feeling aches and pains all throughout your body but do not know how they really came to be? Are you moody or easily irritable that simple things tick you off? Well if you are a woman and not yet suffering from menopause, then maybe I have an idea what you are suffering from.

Plain and simple, it is stress that is affecting you. So how do I know it is such? Well I had suffered from it long ago and I am somewhat, based on my personal experience of having it, knowledgeable about how stress can affect our bodies in many ways, some of which you won’t believe possible.

For starters, it can bring you headaches so strong that it will reduce you to tears. Muscle pains on multiple parts of the body are a given, so are frequent bouts of upset stomach with matching diarrhea, rapid heartbeats, frequent infections, and low bodily energy, to name a few. Not to mention the dipping of an individual’s sexual appetite and the lowering of the body’s immune system and you have yourself multiple problems with only one cause, stress.

It affects all of us no matter what the age and it simply manifests itself in many ways, different strokes for different folks. Adults seem to suffer far worse than anyone as the grind of daily living can sometimes be really hard to bear as all the responsibilities seem to stack up on top of each other and do weight heavily on the mind.

So how do we get rid of this mess short of buying ourselves the best pack n play crib at the mall and cry ourselves like babies to sleep, which also seems to be a good idea?

Well we can stop thinking about it and let it run its course for one, but that doesn’t necessarily solve our problems does it? It is still there lurking in the shadows and we are just postponing the inevitable. So scratch that kind of thinking.

What we got to do is face our problems head on and try to solve it as soon as possible with the least amount of effort on our part. What I mean to say is that the problem is already there, no denying it, and we will solve it eventually so no use over fussing about it right? We’re only making it worse when we over worry about it, just like the saying “making a mountain out of a mole hill”.

I know it takes quite a while and much practice to achieve that kind of thinking but you have got to start somewhere.

So what I did was I started doing yoga and it helped me greatly in dealing with stuff. Controlling your breathing and doing unexpected bodily movements sure helped clean up my mind in no time. It gave me a new perspective in dealing with problems that I never knew was possible before.

So my advice for you is that you first buy yourself the best yoga DVD available in the market, there are many of them just pick one, and start doing it. Who knows, it might work wonders on you as it did with me.

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