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I do not have children, nor have I experienced pregnancy but I have spent enough time with pregnant women to know a lot about it. My sister wasn’t very knowledgeable about things related to pregnancy and was constantly getting stressed out trying to figure out her ovulation dates and so on. I saw her struggling and decided to take things into my own hands.  Every evening when I took my two Chihuahuas out for a walk, I ended up at the park where they would play and I would sit on the bench, with my tablet in my hand. I researched for hours and read all about what an implantation calculator was, how it worked and what was the benefit. I also found these ‘how many weeks am I’ tools where once pregnant; women could find out which week they were in and read about their child’s development. I found all this information and tools extremely fascinating and helpful and decided to share my knowledge here so that all women who find the pregnancy rollercoaster daunting can read and understand what it all entails.

An implantation calculator is a very helpful tool as it helps you figure out the best time for you to try, when the chances of getting pregnant are higher. My sister found that using this tool gave her peace of mind and she stopped worrying so much about the dates and whether it was the right time or not. She also used ovulation strips that can be bought at a store which gave her a much better idea of when her body would be most receptive. There are many implantation calculators available online and all you have to do is put in your last period date and you can get a calculation of when the egg will be implanted.

Another useful feature I saw online was these ‘how many weeks am I’ where again all you have to do is insert the date of your last period and the tool gives you a calculation of weeks and days of your pregnancy. This is very helpful for women who want to track their pregnancy regularly and want to find out how their baby is developing from one day to the other and what kind of changes their body will undergo. All this information helps a person prepare better for dealing with the ups and downs of the pregnancy. My sister knew in advance that she would be experiencing low energy levels in the coming week, so she would plan her activities accordingly and keep energy snacks at hand. Similarly, she was well aware of the period when her morning sickness and nausea would hit peak levels and when it would subside. Trust me; all this information can make it a lot easier to handle your pregnancy.

For anyone who has just found out that they are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, I highly recommend using tools like the implantation calculator and ‘how many weeks am I’, for a better, informed and controlled pregnancy that does not cause you stress and high blood pressure.


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