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Fun ways to announce your pregnancy

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Last week, my friend Vicky came to visit and gave me a pleasant yet totally unexpected surprise. She was 8 weeks pregnant at that moment and what was more surprising was that she had only just found out. The reason for this was that she had had her period as usual so nothing raised a red flag. However, even she missed her period next time she took the test and assumed that she had just gotten pregnant. When she went to see the doctor later in the week, she was surprised to find out that she had been pregnant for more than six weeks. When she asked the doctor how it was possible that she would have a period while pregnant, she was told that it was quite possible. As it turns out, if your date of conception is too close to your period date, you can get your period while pregnant because the body does not get the signal to stop producing the hormone which causes periods. Many women are unaware of this fact and thus do not realize that they are pregnant. The good thing is that this is quite normal and it does not affect your pregnancy at all. Some women to experience slight bleeding, which can be implantation bleeding and has no negative effects. However, one thing I know for sure is that whenever you get bleeding or period while pregnant, make sure that you see your doctor. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Anyhow, the reason Vicky wanted to talk to me was because she wanted to announce the pregnancy to her husband and in-laws in a fun way. This is her first child, and quite understandably she is very excited and wants the moment she tells everyone to be special. We got to thinking immediately and came up with some fun pregnancy announcement ideas which I thought I would share with my readers. One of the ideas was to write a message on the foggy mirror after taking a shower, so that when the husband goes in he will read it. Another was to write a cryptic poem with clues and sending it to family and friends. Once they are able to decipher it, they would know your news. Posting a fun status on Facebook was also a great idea and this way you can tell everyone at once. To announce to the in-laws, I suggested buying an adorable pair of booties and post them with a card saying ‘arriving on’ and mention the due date. It is guaranteed that all in-laws and parents will love this surprise.

We loved all these pregnancy announcement ideas so much that in the end Vicky had trouble deciding which one to use. Finally, she chose the cryptic poem and the response she got was amazing. The first one to decipher the poem using the clues was her husband and he was ecstatic. I confess, writing the poem was hard work and I had to help Vicky a lot, but in the end it all turned out great.



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