What Spring Brings

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springYikes, spring is almost upon us sooner than expected. With the way the earth’s climate behaving nowadays, it’s no wonder the seasons are all getting erratic and stuff. I have not yet gotten around to building my snowman and now winter is ending? What is happening to the world?

Anyway, the reason I am getting a little bit apprehensive about the upcoming spring, is the large amount of almost invisible, yet so very potent pollen that comes with it. Oh how I hate those things and the sickness that it brings to the people susceptible to it. I am talking about the onset of the allergy season, and I also better get my handkerchiefs ready just in case I start to wheeze earlier and bark like crazy.

I don’t know why I am so allergic to pollen yet never to dander, is there any reason for it? I own and am very much in love with dogs, and anyone who had spent even a little time with them, knows the amount of loose hair involved in that kind of relationship. Not unless you own Poodles which only rarely sheds it hair and stuff, but still, the question remains of why am I so very allergic to pollen and never to dog hair, heck I sometimes even sleep with my dogs.

You see I’m like this during spring; I wake up in the morning thinking of going jogging, or at least walk my dog around the block, but when I smell a whiff of the spring air, my eyes starts to get watery and my nose suddenly got the idea of being itchy out of nowhere. Some days I develop a productive cough coupled with a feeling of fluid in lungs, for more about it click here. It is the kind that even if you try to cough it out, you won’t, and it’s hard feeling like that.

It’s funny because during winter I stock up and eat foods known to be natural antihistamines, food items like onions, fishes that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and also foods rich in vitamin C in anticipation of spring. While most wait for warmth of the sun and all things springy, I am here preparing for battle.

Good thing allergy season does not last very long, maybe a couple of weeks and all those airborne stuffs have settled down or I have managed to inhale them all off the face of the earth or something, but those few weeks are really terrible. It feels like as if you are in constant stupor, afraid of going out in the sunshine, somehow like what a zombie would feel if he ever managed to get feelings that is, oh and come to think of it, you also would look like one to boot.

So much ado for something so insignificant, that’s what I always tell myself every time I get allergies. It’s true the little things really always get the best of us. Anyway, so much for this, I think I still got time for that snowman of mine.

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